Boating/Fishing Etiquette
Follow all boating, fishing and safety regulations.

Practice catch and release.

Report any illegal fishing activities we observe to the proper authorities.

Return fish healthy.  Remove hooks when possible. Always try to revive a fish that's dying.  

If a fish dies, never leave it floating, take it with you.

Never throw your trash overboard. This includes fishing line.

Keep a 100' distance from other fishing boats when possible.

In a case of surfacing fish, you should never be within casting distance to another boat.

Never come between an angler and the shoreline, when the angler is fishing the shoreline.

In close quarters, obey a no wake rule for other anglers.

Pay attention to other fisherman's lines when passing by. Keep a look out for planer boards, floats and long
free lines.

When be passed in a small creek or river, it is the responsibility of the angler being passed to pull his lines
tight on one side allowing the other angler passage. It would be proper for the angler being passed to
communicate to the other boat, which side to pass.

Turn your driving lights off when waiting at boat ramp. Leave your parking lights on.

Be courteous at boat ramps. Prepare your gear and boat in parking lot before you get to the ramp.  It
should be a quick process of launching your boat when others are waiting to put in or come out.

Take children fishing. Teach them conservation.

When all else fails, use common sense. Would you like it if someone did that to you?
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