Tournament Rules
Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director.

This is a boating and sporting event.  It is limited to fish caught with rod and reel from aboard a specific
team boat.  Fish must be caught by anglers registered in the competition. All contestants must have a valid
Georgia State fishing license.  All state game and fish laws must be obeyed. Unless required by law, there
is no limit to the number of rods in a boat. There is no limit to the number of people in your boat.  However,
US Coast Guard Safety requirements must be followed.

Fish entered must only be caught from Lake Lanier.  There is no off limits period before this event. The
boundaries of Lake Lanier shall be defined as navigable waters to include rivers and creeks leading to Lake

Any species of the Striped Bass family (Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, White Bass) may be measured.  
There is no limit to the number of fish you can catch and measure, due to this being a catch and release
tournament.  Only the two longest fish shall be counted for the competition.

Ist Place is awarded to the Team with the most inches for 2 fish in the Striped Bass Family.

You must sign up and pay for the Tournament either at a Club meeting or at Oakwood Bait and Tackle
anytime before the Tournament starts. You may not fish until you have paid.

Your Team may launch from any launch on the Lake, or you may leave directly from your boat dock.

All fishermen MUST use a designated Measuring Board. Measuring boards can be acquired at Oakwood
Bait & Tackle. Other Measuring boards will NOT be acceptable.

At or just prior to the start of the tournament, all Participants will be given a Special Tournament Number.
This number must be displayed on the pictures of the fish. Typically, you would write the number on an
index card and display it on the fish. Make sure the card doesn't interfere with the measurement. If you
didn't receive a number, it is your responsibility to call for the number. Check Facebook or call OBT 770-

All fish will be measured in the same manner.  The nose of the fish must be touching the front of the
board.  The measurement is made to the tip of the tail. Measurements are calculated to the nearest 1/4 of
an inch. (rounding down) The number must be displayed somewhere in the photo.  The Numbers shall not
be placed in a manner where the fish or measurement becomes unidentifiable.  

Once a picture is taken, it is the Captain’s responsibility to determine if the picture is clear.  If the
measurement is not visible while zooming in on the picture, the Captain should retake the picture until a
visible picture is achieved.

You MUST be checked in at the weigh in Location by the stated tournament end time. There will be NO
exceptions. In case of emergency (boat failure, car troubles, traffic) you must call Oakwood Bait and Tackle
prior to tournament ending time at 770-965-9400.

In the case of a tie, the longest fish of both teams will determine the place.  If the teams are still tied, the
second longest fish will be used. If still tied, the tiebreaker will be determined by a coin toss.

Any Team receiving a citation from any law enforcement official during the tournament may be disqualified
from the tournament.

For every 1" of Striped Bass caught. Each team shall receive 1 Point.

If a paying member of a fishing team comes to a meeting, their team shall receive 5 Points.

The biggest (longest ) fish of each tournament shall receive an additional 10 points for that team. 5 Points
for the meeting and 5 Points for the tournament.

There MUST be one current paid member aboard each team.
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